Poster presentation

For poster presenters

  • All posters will be set up between 08:10 AM-09:00 AM on the first day (19 Jan). All posters will be set up throughout the entire conference (2 days).
  • During the poster session, authors of the odd- and even-numbered  posters  will  be  asked  to  be  present  at  their  poster stands on the first and second day, respectively.
  • Poster presenters (IDs starting with P) are required to make a 2-minute speech. Each 2-minute speeches for poster presenters will be carried out as follows: odd-numbered posters on the first day (19 Jan) and even- numbered on the second day (20 Jan).
  • The poster sessions will run for a total of two days. During the two days, participants are free to ask questions.
  • Please make sure to check your ID on below for the poster board number.
  • The poster board is 90cm x 150cm (Portrait). We recommend a poster size of  about 90cm  x  130 cm (Portrait).

AYRCOB_Poster1 AYRCOB_Poster2 AYRCOB_Poster3

Hsinchu, Taiwan. Jan.19-20, 2015